Merry Makers goes beyond parties and special events by keeping our eyes focused on children. Literally. Our artists use a variety of talents to engage, entertain and enrich the lives of the children who inhabit our world. We start by looking them in the eye. What do we see? More importantly what do they see and what do they need? Meeting those needs with joy in our heart is our key to a success.
Our job is more than the products
we produce, and yes, we can toss out
masterpieces a mile a minute. We
have Houston’s best face painters,
balloon artists and storytellers. We
can throw parties that sparkle and
excite, but that is not always what
our children are looking for.
Sometimes a piece of quiet, a tender
hug and compassion are the tools a
Merry Maker pulls out of her bag.

                           Fire Fighter Theme
Relationships built,
families renewed and
babies blessed.
That is the product we sell
our clients. Who wouldn’t
love a job where you can
see someone’s eyes light
up when you walk in the
That is a Merry Maker.
Fairy Fun!

“Thanks again for your group’s incredible
contribution to our children’s party.
I can’t tell you how much all of you
add to the success of this project.
Each of you are so gifted and your love
for children shines through.”
                  Locke Liddel & Sapp LLP